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Business news, 27.02.2002 16:16

St. Petersburg helps Britain to reinforce its Navy’s Might

The contract worth $1m allows the Royal Navy to reinforce its positions on the world cartographic market. The subject of the contract is dKart Office complex, developed by Petersburg programmers and cartographers on the base of S-57 international standard requirements. It enables to produce electronic navigation charts and publications in both traditional paper and electronic form. The contract was the result of a tender that attracted developers of marine cartography technologies from several countries: Sweden, Canada, the USA, the UK. The contract value is not announced, but such a contract is worth $1m on the world market. By the terms of the contract, Petersburg developers deliver several dozens of work stations to England, software and train the personnel. By the end of March the complex will be put in operation. The agreement stipulates for training, technical support and service during six years.

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