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Business news, 13.03.2002 16:35

Ford plant to be opened in May in Petersburg suburbs

Ford Focus According to President of Ford Company in Russia Mr. Hensen, the new plant starts quantity production in June, making in 2002 the output of 4 thousand cars. In 2003 the production is to reach 10 thousand. Before quantity production is started, Ford will manufacture single motor-cars for testing in Russian conditions. The production is already on, the first Ford Focus being assembled in January 2002. The initial production capacity of the company is 25 thousand cars per year. In 2002 Ford plans to sell about 8 thousand cars in Russia and Belarus against 4124 in 2001 (in 2000 1357), in 2003 13 thousand cars, in 2004 24 thousand.

News source: Interfax

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