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Business news, 01.04.2002 16:28

Unilever opened tea-packing factory in St. Petersburg

The new tea-packing factory is located on the same territory as the factory “Severnoye siyanie” (Northern lights), which is owned by the transnational group Unilever. The tea-packing factory, with a total size of 300 square meters, will handle and pack about 12,000 tons of tea per year. The factory will pack the Unilever brands Lipton, Brook Bond and Beseda. The raw material will be imported from India and Europe. According to the American research company ACNIELSEN, the market share of the Lipton brand was 30 per cent in the largest Russian cities in 2001. Unilever started its business in St. Petersburg 10 years ago when the company bought the factory “Severnoye siyanie”, where the cosmetics brands Rexona, Timotei and others are produced. During the company’s 10-years presence in Russia it has invested $250 million in its Russian business.

News source: Business Petersburg

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