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Business news, 08.04.2002 17:37

Hermitage to Own Trademark of Former Imperial Porcelain Factory

Thus the Lomonosov porcelain is returning home. Before the Communist Revolution of 1917 the LFZ, located near St. Petersburg, was called the Imperial Porcelain Factory and was directly controlled by the reigning family. The Hermitage already owns the porcelain museum built on the factory's premises.

A few years ago the factory changed hands and that brought about the possibility of the trademark being used abroad. LFZ-branded china might have been manufactured somewhere in Malaysia or Korea where production costs are low. Luckily the owner did not use this opportunity and the trademark has kept its purity. That the Hermitage is to assume control over the LFZ brand name is the just and natural outcome to the story of the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

News source: Rosbalt

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