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Business news, 12.04.2002 16:57

European Entrepreneurs Prepared to Invest in Environmental Protection in St. Petersburg

Richard Wright, the head of the Delegation of the European Commission in Russia said during the presentation 'Investment Climate and Opportunities in St. Petersburg' that was held on April 10 by the European Business Club in Moscow, 'The entrepreneurs of the European Union are prepared to support environmental protection in St. Petersburg'. He added that the European Union had always paid much attention to the protection of environment and that at this time the problem of containing technological risks was the first priority.

Mr. Wright noted that European entrepreneurs had invested over 34 million euro in the construction of water treatment and waste-processing plants in the southwest of St. Petersburg and that these investors were waiting for Russia's Vice-Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko to approve the project for the construction in the city of a garbage incinerator before they invest another 22 million euro in it

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