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Business news, 16.04.2002 16:56

International Conference "Children in Modern World. Children and Cities" Opens in St. Petersburg

According to the PR Department of the St. Petersburg Hertzen Pedagogical University, the conference sponsored by UNESCO is organised by the Ministry of Education of Russia, the Northwestern Section of the Russian Pedagogical Academy, and the administration and Legislative Assembly of the city of St. Petersburg.

Invited to the conference have been pedagogues, paediatricians and state and public figures from Russia, CIS, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the US, England, Germany, and Japan.

Discussed will be 17 topics, including The Philosophy of Childhood and the Problems of Urbanisation, Russian Provincial Life and the Problems of Education, City Life and Patriotic Education, Parental Neglect in Cities and Towns, School and City Life, St. Petersburg Child, Art and Children in Modern Cities, City Life and Children's Health.

The participants of the conference are supposed to not just discuss problems but work out solutions and recommendations.

The conference will last through April 19.

News source: Rosbalt

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