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Business news, 19.04.2002 16:49

St. Petersburg's Centre of Information Opens in Manchester

According to the press centre of the city's mayor, the Centre is housed in the European Union (EU) section of the Central Library of Manchester that structurally belongs to the local city council. It covers an area of 200 square meters and has a reading room, a reference library on the EU member countries, and 12 computers.

The principal objective of the Centre, which just opened in St. Petersburg's sister-city, is promoting mutually advantageous economic cooperation and the priority investment projects of St. Petersburg's administration, while preparing for the tercentenary of the city. It will present, in various forms, information about St. Petersburg, promote trade contacts between companies and prepare events in Manchester and elsewhere in England with the participation of St. Petersburg's representatives. The centre will also organise the exchange of delegations and disseminate information about Manchester in St. Petersburg.

The St. Petersburg's Centre of Information in Manchester is organised by the administration of St. Petersburg, the Economic Development Committee, the External Relations Committee, the St. Petersburg-London-2003 company, and the White Nights Inter-Regional Centre for Business Cooperation. The British participants of the project include the British Council, the City council of Manchester, the Economics Committee of the City Council, the Manchester Central Library, and the city's Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Centre will be managed by a public council to include representatives from Russian and British organisations.

News source: Rosbalt

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