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Business news, 13.05.2002 12:39

Stepan Razin Brewery Launches a New Canned Beer Production Line

The most popular beer brands, such as “Petrovskoye”, “Spezialnoye” and “Admiralteiskoye”, will come in cans from now on. These brands, according to Petersburg social researches center December researches, take, respectively, 18.3%, 9.4% and 6.3% sectors of market. All of them are also included in the list of five most popular beer brands together with “Baltika No.3” and “Botchkariyov Light”. The line is ready to produce 0.5-liter cans only, but after some minor changes may be re-equipped in order to produce 0.33 cans. The cans themselves will be supplied by JSC Rostar. The line’s output per hour amounts to 20,000 cans. The output of a similar line at JSC Vena plant is the same (21,000 of 0.5-liter cans per hour). The output of JSC Baltika Brewery is equal to 60,000 cans per hour.

News source: Business Petersburg

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