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Business news, 21.05.2002 16:25

JSC Baltiysky Zavod Delivered 44,190 tons bulker to the Greek Customer

Georgia T The transaction value is confidential; according to experts, vessels of this type cost from $10 million to $20 million, depending on displacement. After loading in Saint-Petersburg sea port the bulker will leave for China. Initially the vessel had been planned for an American client who later refused to purchase it. Creek company proved to be the most profitable as a new buyer. The shipbuilders had to consider the new client’s demands while finishing the vessel’s building. The transaction took place on 15 May 2002.

The bulker built by Baltiysky shipyard is the first vessel bought from the manufacturer. Until now vessels were bought “second hand”. 93104 type bulker (the type designer is Norway firm SRS) is designed for transportation of wide range of bulk cargo such as grain or ore and coal. Sea Strength Marine owner Miron Tzatzakes named the bulker Georgia T, after his daughter. He is planning to use the bulker on intercontinental trade lines.

News source: Business Petersburg

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