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Business news, 04.07.2002 20:25

Start of summer-2002 season turned out to be a failure for Russian tourist firms

Traditionally, towards to the middle of summer numbers of hot or “immediate” tours go down. And this June Russian citizens somehow unitedly decided not to travel abroad fast. “The situation of under-demand was observed in virtually all popular summer holiday directions, i.e.Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria”,- Chairman of Board of Directors of a tourist agencies network - “Magazine of hot-tours”- Andrei Ozolin’ complained.

Businessmen see the reason in a World Championship on Football leaving them without clients. Plucked to TV screens husbands did not wish to move elsewhere. But there can be more explanations to that. One of them can be because of Russian tourist becoming so “europianized” that he decides to ignore season start altogether and take rest more to the end. But, this way or another, this June tourfirms had to decrease their prices. As a result, tours’ choice was unusually grand. More to that, firms were in a position to have to sell the tours as for such countries hot-tours situation with which was rarity.

To be precise tours to Spain are being sold now $$100-150 below its original price. With Cyprus the situation is a similar one.

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