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Business news, 08.07.2002 17:58

Oil products transfer Up 37% in St. Petersburg

Oil products transfer Up 37% in St. Petersburg “St. Petersburg Oil Terminal Ltd.” dealing in transfer of petroleum products ah the sea port “St. Petersburg” gave a summary of its activities for the first 2 quarters of 2002 yesterday.

Thus, within this time period 2.9mln tones of oil products were transferred which is 37% more the amount for the similar time span of the previous year. This amount can be roughly equally divided on 1.5mln tones of dark products of oil and 1.4mln – of light ones. The reception is being done on elevated railways, by Kirishi pipeline and at the moorings for “river-then-sea” class of ships. 42 marine tankers have been processed at the Terminal as for the above mentioned period of time. By the end of summer 2002 “St. Petersburg Oil Terminal Ltd.” plans to put into operation its third tranfer line. To remind our readers the terminal ten-years program for 1996-2005 have to introduce 5 new transit outlets.

As a result of this program realization of Terminal’s capacities must achieve 15mln tones of oil products turnover a year.

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