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Business news, 09.07.2002 16:52

“Ford-Vsevolozhsk” enterprise Ltd. plans for 2002 to sell 7,800 automobiles

“Ford-Vsevolozhsk” enterprise Ltd. plans for 2002 to sell 7,800 automobiles “Ford-Vsevolozhsk” sees its joint venture’s perspective as an increase in sales towards 27,000 vehicles by 2005.

The above information was given by the company’s president Henrik Nensen today while at the ceremony of new plant opening in Vsevolozhsk, a town close to St. Petersburg. According to him the price for one of Ford’s basic models will account for $10,900; basic “integration” price of the other two models will be $400 and $600 more, accordingly. The company plans to compete in all three segments of the Russian auto market with its sales of new as well as secondary cars, it also plans to occupy up to 6% of sales in nationally made automobiles. For the last year “Ford” has sold 95,00 new cars in Russia, 400,000 secondary ones and 1,230,000 new national cars. Mr. Nensen pointed that principal advantage of the Vsevolozhsk produced vehicles will be its quality indicator, as well as the provision of a two-years warranty on a vehicle and a 12-years one - on corpus corrosion (!whenever service interval comprises 20,000 km, service charge will only be $60). Mr. Hensen added that presently there is an agreement between Ford and international government insurance, “InGosStrakh”, on the insurance provision for these autos, insurance premuim will account for 2.5% off car’s price. Besides, “Ford-Vsevolozhsk” held talks with DeutscheBank and MezhPromBank on credit provision to “Ford” models buyers with a charge of 10% interest rate.

To remind our readers, total sum of “Ford Motor Co.” direct investment into the construction of an assembly shop for “Ford Focus” type of auto in Vsevolozhsk comprises 150mln dollars, the project depreciation is 14 years, output production plans for the JV’s first year are 6,000 cars.

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