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Business news, 15.07.2002 15:01

“RosTelekom” its “Moscow-St. Petersburg” block of international communication link

“RosTelekom” its “Moscow-St. Petersburg” block of international communication link July 15, Russian operator for international communication links ,“Rostelecom”, accomplished construction of the first block of a “The Baltic Cable System” fiber-optic transmission line -“Moscow-St. Petersburg”.

Press-center of the company reported “the complex put into exploitation will considerably enlarge the passage capacity on the Moscow-St. Petersburg sector”.

While constructing the complex the already existing “Rostelekom” infrastructure of communicational links was used but was modernized with the equipment of NEC, firm from Japan, thus allowing the passage for various types of information at a speed of 2.5 Gbites/sec.

The construction of the project works were accomplished by “Giproszyaz” (Moscow); construction and assembling work was done by “Lentelefonstroi”, incorp. (St. Petersburg) and by “Uzo-Electro ltd.” (Moscow).

To remind it our readers “Rostelekom” is a national operator for international electric link, providing Russia connections with 211countries through its direct international communication network of 75 operators in 72 countries. The company main shareholder is “SvyazInvest” holding, accounting for 50.67% of voting shares; foreign investors hold 41.48% of the shares, “Rostelekom” employees – 2.36% only.

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