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Business news, 18.07.2002 18:05

US Ex-Im Bank Ready to Work with Russian Regions and Small Businesses

US Ex-Im Bank Ready to Work with Russian Regions and Small Businesses Russia comprises the ten of the most important US Export-Import Bank clients, according to the Bank vice-president, Eduardo Aguirre. «US Export-Import Bank's turnover with Russia totals 3bln USD roughly. “We would like to rise this figure. There are opportunities to that. We'd like to go further than Presidents Bush and Putin have agreed on: we want to find new trade opportunities», Aguirre stated.

Mr. Aguirre also commented that “the Export-Import Bank risk evaluations for Russia depend on distinct factors”. «Of course, we consider the risks of the deals conducted at the state level be more than acceptable, and we have concluded quite a few of these deals. However, we now see it as essential to move on from the deals with state guarantees. We are now going into the regions and even working with local administrations if they appear credit worthy. We would also like to work with small- and medium-sized businesses in Russia», Aguirre said. In his opinion «Russian banks can form some sort of bridge between his US bank and such a business».

«Potential is high in the sphere for there are a lot of potential borrowers and buyers as to American export. But your country is big and complex at the same time so we intend to approach each deal individually», he noted. Aguirre announced that his bank is already looking into the possibility of working with Moscow and St. Petersburg, at the regional level.

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