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Business news, 18.07.2002 15:56

Industry and Construction Bank of Petersburg is at ¹1

According to the Reuters Dealing System, St. Petersburg’s “Industry and Construction Bank” performance for the second quarter of 2002 was taped to be of the leader among non-Moscovite banks through its activities using the Reuters Dealing System.

Within Reuters Dealing System, during the IInd 2002 quarter the bank carried out more than 20 thousand negotiations and transactional agreements. Reuters Dealing is a worldwide system for carrying out negotiations and settling transactions on the financial markets. The main function of Reuters Dealing is to create real time links with one or several clients in the system. The system unites 25 thousand terminals in 5 thousand banks and other financial institutions in more than 110 countries. In the CIS, its services are used by more than 500 banks and financial companies. The most popular instruments for transactions settling are the spot, cross and forward transactions and the currency deposits. On the CIS market, Reuters Dealing System is also used to settle transactions at the Moscow International Currency Exchange.

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