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Business news, 30.08.2002 15:56

City goverment has approved the program “Russian language”

City goverment has approved the program “Russian language” August, 29 city goverment has approved objective’s program “Russian language”.

Vladimir Jakovlev has noted, that politicians and advertising set the bad pattern, speaking native language illiterate.

Rector of the Saint Petersburg State University Ludmila Verbitskaja has prepared the program of suppoting of Russian language, wich was presented on the goverment conference August. 29. She has handed over to governer the dictionary “Speaking right”, developed under her management. Such dictionaries have been already given to members of the Russian goverment and deputies of the State Duma. Among other items in the program there are such as development of measures of Russian language propaganda, expansion of Russian language abroad, extermination of words-parasits.

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