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Business news, 17.09.2002 14:43

New image of the Chinese goods from province Hebei

New image of the Chinese goods from province Hebei The exhibition "New image of the Chinese goods from province Hebei” will be carried out September, 20-23

Organizer is the “Management of foreign trade and economic cooperation of province Hebei” at support of the government of Leningrad Region. The purposes of the exhibition: development of mutually beneficial cooperation, including investments, and also presentation of the export goods and promotion of the consumer goods to the market of Northwest of Russia. Besides promotion of production of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region to the market of province Hebei is provided. The exhibition is devoted to 10-anniversary of relations between province Hebei and Leningrad region.

A basis of the exposition is production of more than 40 firms-manufacturers: knitted and fur products, textiles and a leather, ceramics and porcelain, headdresses, blankets, food additives, plastic, art products etc.

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