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Business news, 01.10.2002 16:09

Is Vladimir Jakovlev going to discharge his obligations for the third term?

Vladimdir Jakovlev is going to discharge his obligations for the third term? Finally to be clear with the question about the third term of the governor of Saint Petersburg Vladimir Jakovlev, the help of the qualified lawyers is needed

Power of the Saint Petersburg governor in connection with changes of the City Regulations has extended. The deputy of the Legislative assembly of Saint Petersburg Oleg Nilov being a witness has declared about it on Tuesday at session of the court. He is sure, that the main problem consists in "unsolved transitional theses connected with change of the status of the governor". In opinion of the deputy, legislators are guilty of it. Oleg Nilov has noted that in the near future the Legislative assembly "will return to this question and will determine what term Vladimir Jakovlev discharges his obligations. We shall remind, that the court examines inquiry of deputies of the municipal formation "Polustrovo" which ask to explain item 5 of an article 40. Deputies consider, that "uncertainty in understanding of the following questions is found out: Is Vladimir Jakovlev elected on a post of the governor of Saint Petersburg in May, 2000 on the first term or this election is necessary to consider the second term of obligations? And also, has actual governor of Saint Petersburg the right to run for the next elections of the governor?"

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