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Business news, 07.10.2002 16:31

Vladimir Jakovlev's appeal to the townspeople

Vladimir Jakovlev's appeal to the townspeople The governor of Saint Petersburg Vladimir Jakovlev has appealed to the townspeople in connection with beginning October, 9 All-Russia census of the population. In V.Jakovlev’s appeal, in particular, it is spoken: "From the last All-Union census in 1989 13 years divide us. For this time in the country there were huge changes. And that is not the case, that today we live in the other state. Changes have touched each of us. We live in the country where the Constitution guarantees freedom of everyone’s choice of a place of inhabitation and occupations. And census is the unique source of data giving an opportunity to find out, how many of us and what we are. Th ecensus will be carried out in interests of all country and each of us. The received data will be put in a basis of such reforms, as housing, pension, education, public health services and military. On the basis of the census data the population forecast for the nearest 15-20 years will be also planned. Without it the long-term planning of our life is impossible. I call all petersburgers to take active part in thecensus, showing civil liability and consciousness. It is in our common interests".

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