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Business news, 08.10.2002 12:42

The extremist Internet-sites will be excluded

The extremist Internet-sites will be excluded Experts of the European university in St. Petersburg have begun to research the Internet-sites of an extremist orientation

As the employee of the "Centre of development of the noncommercial organizations" Eugeny Machnev has informed, research will be carried out in the framework of the program "Preventive measures of extremism and education of the purpose of tolerant consciousness in the Russian society".

The new project is carried out at financial support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Its organizers purpose their main object - to create a scientific system of identification of the texts containing an appeal, propagation and the justification of violence and discrimination.

According to the director of the Centre of computer science Phillip Tochinsky, results of work will allow to create a software for exception of references to extremist sites in search systems. It will be created at the request of the user.

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