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Business news, 17.12.2002 17:23

Indonesian money will be made by the Association "Goznak"

Indonesian money will be done by the Association The bank note paper for manufacturing of the Indonesian money will be delivered by Association "Goznak" which won last week in the international tender which is traditional carried out by the Bank of Indonesia. Russian "Goznak" won the right on delivery of the bank note paper for “10 rupee” Indonesian denominations, having repeated success of December, 2001.

One year ago "Goznak" for the first time in history of the international market of manufacturers of the bank note paper successfully participated in the international tender in Indonesia. The last year's order for the paper for denominations in 10 rupees was carried out with St.-Petersburg paper-mill of "Goznak". The bank note paper on won order also will be made in Saint Petersburg. Shipment of the first lot of the special paper should be carried out in February of the next year.

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