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Business news, 23.12.2002 13:30

The trading complex "Sennaya" in Saint Petersburg will be open in the middle of August, 2003

The trading complex Object will be put in commission in May, however its opening is solved to postpone till the period of peak attendance of shopping centres - the end of summer.

The total cost of the complex makes 30 million dollars, 22 million dollars from which - own means of Open Company "Commercial centre "Peter". The remaining 8 million dollars - the involved means (bank credit). For November, 1 of the current year 19,5 million dollars are invested. Deductions in the city budget (on development of an infrastructure) made 819 thousand dollars.

Construction of the trading complex "Sennaya" began in January, 2002. The general area of the object will make 59 thousand sq. meters, 30 thousand sq. meters of them - areas for rent . The complex represents a 3-storeyed building with a two-level parking for 600 cars.

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