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Business news, 26.12.2002 14:54

The "Treziniís House" in St. Petersburg will become a hotel of "three stars" class

The The so-called "Treziniís House" (house N 21 on University quay) - one of the oldest in St. Petersburg. A two-storeyed building "on high basement with an attic" was erected in 1723 for architect Domeniko Trezini. Now in the building the three-stars hotel will be located.

The general dimensions of a construction, including configuration of a roof and basement vaults, will stay without changes. In the ground floor a lobby and five hotel numbers will be placed, in the basement Ė a restaurant on 50 persons and technical premises of hotel. In view of the maximal preservation and restoration of the premises facing the Trezini Square, the second floor will contain no more than 8-10 numbers. In the third floor there will be 9 numbers, in the mansard - 11. In total in the three-stars hotel there will be 33-35 rooms.

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