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Business news, 30.12.2002 15:30

In Saint Petersburg security measures are strengthened

In Saint Petersburg security measures are strengthened In connection with the act of terrorism which has happened on Friday in the centre of Groznyy, administration of Saint Petersburg took all necessary measures which "are assumed with an extreme situation". It was announced by the head of the press-service of the governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Afanasjev.

Alexander Afanasjev has emphasized, that "inhabitants of St. Petersburg should keep their balance and not to give in to all kinds of provocation". "Our city always is noted for its tolerance to representatives of various nationalities, - he has declared, - and this quality should be kept".

Simultaneously active examinations of passport and migratory order at stations, airports and other public places are held. Protection of the basic public offices, large public objects, the centres of city energy- and water supply, and also underground is strengthened.

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