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Business news, 18.04.2003 16:50

Russia plans to export oil to US via Murmansk

Murmansk Russia is planning to export oil to the US via Murmansk. As Russian Energy Minister Igor Yusufov explained to journalists, the Russian government has instructed the Energy Ministry to carry out an immediate assessment of the technical and economic implications of constructing an oil pipeline in the Murmansk Region, with the possibility of exporting oil to the US. Today, the Russian government has been considering the prospects for the oil and gas sector of the North-West Federal District over the next 20 years. The oil pipeline is expected to be built in two stages. First of all an oil terminal must be built in the Murmansk Region. The second stage will involve the construction of a pipeline from central Russia to the oil terminal.

Mr Yusufov added that the government has no plans to own the pipeline from Western Siberia to Murmansk outright but intends to have some control over its work and the transportation system.

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