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Business news, 25.04.2003 14:39

International Fur Auction opens in St. Petersburg

159th International Fur Auction Soyuzpushnina, a union of Russian fur traders, will conduct the 159th International Fur Auction in St. Petersburg from April 25 through April 29. A spokesperson for Soyuzpushnina reported at a press conference that about 130,000 fells of trade sable will be presented. Moreover, approximately 80,000 fells of fox, 200,000 fells of mink (of which 50,000 will be exhibited by owners from Belarus), 10,000 fells of ermine, fox, squirrel, kolinsky and wolverene.

Total receipts from the 158th Fur Auction exceeded USD10 million. Approximately 100 buyers from twelve countries including Russia took part in trading. For the first time since the break up of the Soviet Union, four breeders from Belarus took part in the auction.

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