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Business news, 07.05.2003 14:16

Restaurant in State Hermitage will open on May 15

Restaurant in State Hermitage A triumphant opening of the Hermitage restaurant took place in the State Hermitage on May 5, Hermitage Restaurant Director Mikhail Piotrovsky said at a press conference in the State Hermitage on May 5.

The restaurant is located in the east wing of the general staff building. There are ten halls in all, each decorated in their own style, and covering a total area of 1.5 thousand square meters. A pass-through gallery unites the halls and runs through the entire restaurant displaying productions of modern artists. The restaurant has two entrances: from Palace square and from Bolshaya Morskaya street, which is divided further into two parts. A caviar bar stands near the entrances. Piotrovsky said that during the building, unique details of the restaurant were completely preserved including the inherent architecture of architect Carlo Rossi.

Restaurant manager Alexander Vexler said that the restaurant can accommodate up to 250 visitors, along with an additional 16 VIP places. He also said that the so-called 'democratic part' where one can go and drink coffee will work from 11 a.m. until the last client leaves. Prices in the caviar bar will be significantly higher. The wine list will contain more than 130 different drinks 'from the very best to the most elite.' Two chefs will also work in the restaurant, an Italian and a Russian, and will prepare European and Russian cuisine. A total of USD 2.5 million was invested in the project. The restaurant officially opens to the first visitors on May 15.

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