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Business news, 20.05.2003 13:23

Major new railway station opens in St. Petersburg

Major new railway station opens in St. Petersburg The new Ladoga Railway Station in St. Petersburg will be one of the five largest in Russia, Railways Minister Gennady Fadeev said when inaugurating commuter transportation from the station on Saturday, May 17.

According to the minister, the station can service up to 4,500 commuters and long-distance passengers an hour. It will be fully opened for trains to the Urals and Murmansk and north- and eastbound commuter trains by May 29; until then, it will service only commuters.

The estimated construction costs are 9 billion roubles (approximately USD 290 million), including 3.7 billion roubles spent on the construction of the passenger terminal, which has an area of 28,000 square metres. It can handle 11 long-distance passenger trains a day and 39 commuter trains.

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