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Business news, 30.05.2003 12:31

St. Petersburg to grow more popular next year

In 2004, tourist boom is expected in St. Petersburg In 2004, tourist boom is expected in St. Petersburg, according to Aleksandr Prokhorenko, Vice-governor of St. Petersburg, who made this optimistic forecast at a press conference in the International Press Center.

According to his estimate, St. Petersburg may receive up to 5.5. mln. tourists a year. “Celebration of the jubilee is an excellent advertising action for St. Petersburg, and next year the city will grow more popular,” said Aleksandr Prokhorenko. “We on our part will develop the hotel infrastructure and make our city a better place for its future guests.”

In 2002, 1 million tourists from all over the world visited St. Petersburg; 59 thousand of them came from Italy i.e. 15 thousand more compared to 2001.

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