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Business news, 15.07.2003 11:11

Virtual branches of the Russian Museum will appear soon

Virtual branches of the Russian Museum will appear soon A contract of cooperation has been signed between Joint-Stock Financial Company SYSTEMA and the State Russian Museum. Vladimir Gusev, director of the museum, said: “This is not a sponsor’s contract, it is aimed at increasing cultural, research, methodological, organizing and creative potential of the Russian Museum.” The contract includes reconstruction of buildings and collections belonging to the Russian Museum, construction of new exhibition premises, development and use of modern communications and the latest digital technologies, preparing and organizing cultural and educational programs and social cultural projects, as well as formation of target ticket and tour programs.

In addition, it is planned to enlarge exhibition activities of the Russian Museum both in Russia and abroad. The museum and SYSTEMA Company are also planning to make a network of virtual museums included into the Russian Museum. Each virtual museum will be equipped with computer centers where visitors will be able to see all collections of the Russian Museum through Internet.

The program of cooperation between SYSTEMA Company and the Russian Museum is for the years 2004-2014, and the amount of the contract is 10 million dollars.

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