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Business news, 11.08.2003 14:36

Sales valume of St.Petersburg’s beer trade mark “Baltika” picks up races in Germany

According to the clipping-service of the brewing company, a rise of sales volumes was caused by the opening of a branch establishment Baltika Deutschland GmbH last year in Hamburg. “Baltika” became one of the discoveries at the International Beer Festival in Berlin, that finished in 3 August 2003. 230 brewing companies participated in the Festival, while ”Baltika” company represented Russia.

The Brewing Company “Baltika” was established in 1990 and registered in 1992. The company’s authorized capital stock comes to 120 million 572 thousand 800 roubles. The largest stock holder of the enterprise is Baltic Beverage Holding AB (74, 24% stock). For the first quarter “Baltika” has sold 3,2 million hectoliters of beer while export volumes increased for 9,5 % as compared with the first quarter in 2002, and have made up 183 thousand hectoliters.

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