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Business news, 23.08.2003 18:05

US Congressmen Seek to Increase Ties with Saint Petersburg Port

The port of Saint Petersburg A delegation of US congressmen discussed the possibility of increasing trade relations with the port of Saint Petersburg at a meeting with the port management yesterday. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this was announced by Head of the US Delegation John Duncan. He stressed that the discussion had been very thorough. They spoke about transportation problems, ecological safety and other issues.

Strategic Development Director of the Saint Petersburg Port Dmitry Razumov told the Rosbalt correspondent that they had also discussed the possibility of increasing trade turnover between the US and Russia as a lot of freight is now transported via the European terminals. According to Mr Razumov 'the most important thing is that we all understand the need for closer ties at government level'.

The US delegation arrived in Europe to inspect the European transportation system and they regard the Saint Petersburg port as Russia's most important link in the European transportation network. Their aim in Saint Petersburg is to assess the possibility of increasing trade relations with the city by studying the size and infrastructure of the Saint Petersburg port.

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