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Business news, 19.09.2003 14:55

Russian Power Industry to Top Agenda at St. Petersburg Energy Summit Next Week

'The theme of the Russian power industry will take a significant place in the agenda of the US-Russian energy summit, which begins in St. Petersburg on September 22,' said First Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Andrei Sharonov on radio station Echo Moskvy today. He said that questions connected with the power industry were put on the agenda by Russia. 'It is the pressing interest of the Russian side,' he said.

Sharonov also said that the main interest for Russia will be to gain 'more US investment than experience.' He said that it is completely realistic to interest American investors in investing in the development of the Russian power industry. 'The time has come in Russia when large shares of the market are up for grabs - and I mean energy companies which might interest American investors,' he said.

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