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Business news, 08.10.2003 12:27

"Paterson" plans to open new supermarkets in Saint-Petersburg in 2004

Total investments in expanding the network of Paterson supermarkets are expected to come to USD 25-27 million. General Director of Paterson Yuri Yakovchik announced that several supermarkets will be opened in Russia by the end of 2003. Two supermarkets will be opened in both Saint Petersburg and Moscow and supermarkets will also open in Ufa, Kazan and Penza. Expected turnover for 2003 is expected to total USD 130-140 million while in 2002 this figure only came to USD 85 million.

There are currently fifteen Paterson supermarkets in Moscow and five more in Saint Petersburg, Tver, Samara and Liubertsi.

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