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Business news, 21.10.2003 14:37

The Murmansk shipping company takes part in an international telecommunications project

Fibre-optic cable The Murmansk shipping company has taken part in an international telecommunications project called Polarnet, which aims to connect Europe, Asia and America with a powerful fibre-optic cable. As First Deputy General Director of Polarnet Project Valery Kirichenko told in his interview, the cable is mostly being laid along seabeds and as the shortest route from London to Tokyo is around Norway, it is being laid along the seabeds of the north Russian seas via the Bering Strait. The Russian section of the route comes to about 6.5 thousand kilometres. Specialists from the Murmansk shipping company are assessing the route of the cable. A map of the route will be drawn up afterwards and recommendations will be given on how to protect the cable in the future. The section in the Arctic seas is expected to be laid in 2004 and the line will start operating in two years' time. The ship to be used for laying the cable and the companies to be involved in supplying the cable and telecommunications equipment will be chosen by tender. The Murmansk shipping company is also planning to participate in this.

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