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Business news, 04.11.2003 13:28

Chinese to move their trade goods to Europe through Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad China wants to move its trade goods to Europe through Kaliningrad, said Deputy Chairman of the Tianjin Political Council Tsao Syuzhun in a meeting with Kaliningrad Region Governor Vladimir Yegorov yesterday.

The Chinese delegation hosted a delegation from Russia's northwest federal district in China last summer. The delegation studied the experience and organization of the free trade zone in Kaliningrad Region. The Chinese delegation included government leaders and directors of large corporations, holdings and companies.

Syuzhun said that the three-day visit to the economic zone including visits to leading companies of the region and talks with local business leaders left a big impression. In part, they expressed an interest in supplying China with high technology products from the Baltkran factory, and also products from LUKoil-Kaliningradmorneft, where sea oil platforms were prepared for developing oil fields on the shelf of the Baltic Sea.

Moreover, Syuzhun said the Chinese side was ready for the creation of so-called scientific-technical centers on the territory of the Kaliningrad free trade zone in order to move their trade goods to Eastern and Western Europe.

At the present time 32 companies with some degree of Chinese capital investment are registered in the region. The total trade turnover between Kaliningrad Region and China is slightly more than USD 52 million per year.

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