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Business news, 17.12.2003 15:32

Vyborg Wharf seeks backing for giant-vessel facility in Primorsk

Vyborg Wharf Vyborg Wharf╬└╬ is talking to investors about possible construction of a new ship-construction wharf in Primorsk, Aleksey Tunimanov, the firm's public relations chief, has announced at the press conference. The new facility would produce vessels of more than 70,000 tonnes deadweight, he said.

The plan is now only in the talking stage, Tunimanov said. He said a definite decision would not come before late 2004.

The only such facilities in the USSR were on the Black Sea and are now part of Ukraine.

Vyborg Wharf is celebrating its 55th birthday this year. Some 75% of its stock is held by BARS.

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