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Business news, 14.01.2004 15:15

Finland puts off the losses of Russian expeditors

International passenger buses Russian expeditors have some more time. Finland extended the date when it will put into use new demands on truckers, that would result in losses of 1 billion dollars each year for Russian shipping and travel companies.

The new rules concerned putting into practice the use of a new international certificate for car and truck check-ups, or in the Russian abbreviation, MSTO. From the first of May 2004 all passenger buses with room for more than 11 people and all trucks more than 3.5 tons carrying goods should comply with the international check-up if they are to cross the Finnish border. Originally, the certificate was supposed to start working on the 1st of January 2004. In the estimation of expeditors, by putting off the new rules for four months the Finnish authorities kept the expeditors from losing enormous amounts of money.

Besides Finland, five other countries also will use the certificate Bulgaria, Hungary, Holland, Romania, and Estonia.

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