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Business news, 19.01.2004 16:13

Collector of waste paper to engage in recycling

Recycling logo The open joint-stock company “Vtormakulatura” has acquired the right to construct a shop floor to recycle and sort out waste paper. To fulfill the project the company has been given a piece of land to lease with an area of 5 thousand square meters on 115 Volkhonsky highway. Assessments to the city infrastructure development are fixed at the rate of $75 thousand. The construction project has to be finished in June 2005. The company’s report submitted to the Construction Committee says that the production capacity of the sorting shop floor is 600 tons of pressed paper a day. The volume of waste paper processing is kept secret. The management of “Vtormakulatura” conceals the project’s investment volume as well. The company will start construction at the end of May 2004. Competitors estimate the investments in the sorting workshop construction at more than $200 thousand. As for investments in the paper converting workshop, experts find them to go beyond $1 million.

Nearly 9 thousand tons of waste paper are collected in St. Petersburg each month. Among the largest enterprises engaged in waste paper collection there are Alt Papir Ltd. (about 3 thousand tons), Firma UVI (3.5 thousand tons) and Vtormakulatura Company (1.5-3 thousand tons).

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