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Business news, 29.01.2004 12:41

Ship-building yard to be taken away from defence ministry

Ship-building yard to be taken away from defence ministry The state unitary enterprise Kronshtadt Ship Yard that belongs to the Russian Defense Ministry is going through a supervision procedure. The executive power of St. Petersburg suggested that the Government of the Russian Federation assign the rights to manage the plant to the Russian Ship-Building Agency. Vladimir Blank, the chairperson of the committee for economic development, industrial policy and commerce of St. Petersburg Administration announced the news yesterday. In his words, the federal service on financial rehabilitation last week introduced bankruptcy management of the enterprise, since January 19 was the deadline of the peaceful settlement between the ship-building yard and its creditors. The peaceful settlement, however, could not help fix up the debt charges of the plant. Today the enterprise’s debt is 1 billion rubles. The suppliers and the federal budget are the main creditors of the plant. In the near future a potential arbitrary administrator will be chosen. Furthermore, Vladimir Blank added that the ship-building yard could replace its owner. In order “to commercialize the enterprise”, St. Petersburg Administration has addressed the Russian Government with a proposal to transfer the plant from the Defense Ministry of Russia to the Russian Ship-Building Agency. “The enterprise possesses five dry docks and other unique machinery, but since it practically operates as a military unit, ships go by it to Baltiisky Zavod, Kanonersky Zavod and Admiralteiskiye Verfi. As long as the enterprise is turned from a military plant into a civil one, it has a good chance for further progress”, Victor Surikov, the chief executive of Kronshtadt district, said.

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