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Business news, 11.02.2004 13:39

Petersburg metro to purchase three trains

Petersburg metro to purchase three trains The Transportation Committee and the State Unitary Enterprise Peterburgsky Metropoliten have called a tender for metro car supplies in 2004. The budget of St. Petersburg is to finance the project. The limit of financing for the project is 244 million rubles. In the words of the Junior Technical Manager of Peterburgsky Metropoliten Igor Vybornov, the enterprise is planning to purchase 18 metro cars, which all together will be enough to build three new trains. “The trains will run from the starting section of the fourth line in the area of Komendantsky Prospect”, Igor Vybornov says. “This is the first delivery since 2002 to be realized thanks to the city budget. The previous deliveries of metro cars went through the federal budget. Usually, two or three private companies took part in past tenders, but Vagonmash used to win,” said Vybornov. The State Unitary Enterprise Peterburgsky Metropoliten is the initiator of the tender. The cars are supposed to be delivered to the Vyborgsky shed. The delivery date is fixed from March 10, 2004 to October 1, 2004. The basic condition of the tender is that the 2002 annual turnover of the potential contractor should be at least 500 million rubles. Envelopes with tender offers will be opened on March 5, 2004.

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