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Business news, 24.02.2004 17:06

Kirovsky Plant to sell tractors to the republics of Central Asia

Kirovsky Plant to sell tractors to the republics of Central Asia The governments of Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan are eyeing St. Petersburg's Kirovsky Zavod as a source of tractors, the factory's general director Pyotr Semenenko told Interfax Friday in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

Semenenko was a member of the St. Petersburg delegation that accompanied Governor Valentina Matviyenko on her trip to the three Central Asian republics last week. Preliminary agreements were reached during meetings with Turkmen agriculture and water ministry representatives, Semenenko said. Also, a meeting with Nikolai Tanayev, prime minister of Kyrgyzstan, led to the government expressing interest in buying Kirovsky tractors or reaching an agreement on assembly of the tractors in Kyrgyzstan.

Kirovsky tractors have been in use in Turkmenistan for 15 years, but recently that Central Asian republic has preferred U.S. brand John Deere. The high cost of these tractors has led the Turkmen agriculture ministry to seek a less expensive alternative, which Semenenko said the Kirovsky plant provides.

Kirovsky would also service the John Deere tractors already operating in Turkmenistan.

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