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Business news, 01.03.2004 14:00

Lenta supermarket chain increases nonfood stock

Lenta supermarket chain increases nonfood stock Lenta supermarket chain is toughening its competition with METRO company in St. Petersburg by expanding its array of nonfood items. Alexander Maksimov, the Commercial Director of Lenta, claimed that in 2004 the company plans to introduce new stock from the following category: sports accessories, professional uniforms, sports wear, electrical tools, and to expand the existing set of leather goods, toys, house wares and horticultural supplies. “Enlargement of nonfood stock are promising for import and margins”, Alexander Maksimov said. As a result, nonfood goods will make up 40% of the stock available in Lenta supermarkets. The new items will be included in the set of the new Lenta complexes that are now being built, in addition to new stock to be partially presented in the existing supermarkets. The stock enlargement and optimization of trade is expected to increase the company’s turnover by at least 20%. Lenta’s official web site believes the nonfood stock to be top-priority in search for suppliers. Julia Belova, the PR manager of the company Metro Cash and Carry suggested that enlargement of the nonfood assortment might considerably raise Lenta’s turnover. “The steps undertaken by Lenta seem advisable in the highly competitive environment in St. Petersburg with the advent of Plato and Maxidom stores, she said.

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