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Business news, 25.03.2004 14:44

Ring road finds builders at last

Ring road Rosavtodor company has summarized the tender results for construction of the ring road at the expense of a second loan given by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The open joint-stock company Mostotrest has won the first lot of the tender (the contract’s value is $14.7 million). The Mostotrest affiliated consortium with the Tract company has also won the second lot (contract valued at $13.8 million). Mostotrest company has won the third lot as well, worth $23 million. The fourth lot has been won by both the consortium belonging to HABAU Hoch-und-Tiefbaugesellschaft GmbH (Germany) and the Russian and German joint-venture Avtoban (contract valued at $38.8 million). The fifth lot has been won by Mostostroitelny Trest ¹6 company, the closed joint-stock company Sevzapdorstroi, and the open joint-stock company Smolenskdorstroi ($23.5 million contract). The contractors will be funded in April 2004.

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