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Business news, 29.03.2004 12:40

Metal companies coming together

Metal companies coming together Large producers of metal constructions in the North-West of Russia are forming an association. The goal of the association - coordinating activity on the market.

The professional association will be formed around the base of the open joint-stock company Zavod metallokonstruktsii or ZMK (Factory of metal constructions). As Alexey Lebedinsky, a member of the board of directors of ZMK said, the founders of the association iclude the companies ZMK Vental, Aeroportstroi, Stalkonstruktsiya, and Cherepovetskii Metal Construction Factory.

In the words of Vitalii Gorban, the deputy director general for production of the open joint-stock company Aeroportstroi, the new association will allow for the leading metal companies to squeeze out small producers who damp down prices while themselves producing only 3-5 tons of metal constructions per month. Gorban commented that the new association will include only the companies that produce at least 100 tons of metal constructions per month.

Overall, the big businesses in the metal construction industry are seeking to monopolize the local market.

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