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Business news, 19.04.2004 14:45

‘BeeLine’ grows to 500 thousand subscribers

‘BeeLine’ logo The St. Petersburg affiliate of the open joint-stock company ‘Vimpelkom-Russia’ (‘BeeLine’ trademark) has announced reaching 500 thousand mobile phone subscribers in St. Petersburg. Thus, the number of subscribers of ‘BeeLine’ has risen by 40% as compared to the data from the beginning of the year. According to the information given by the ‘ŔŃĚ Consulting’ analytical agency, ‘BeeLine’ holds 48% of the total growth of mobile phone subscribers in St. Petersburg.

'VimpelCom' is one of the pioneers of mobile business in Russia. It was the first Russian company to list on the New York Stock Exchange in 1996. The company was a joint venture between a Russian individual and an American company.

The Beeline brand is one of the most recognised brands in the country. ' VimpelCom' was the first company in Russia that realised the strength and the importance of the brand.

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