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Business news, 05.05.2004 13:07

Italians making business in St. Petersburg

Italians making business in St. Petersburg The Federation of the National Branch Associations of the Italian Machine Building Industry (ANIMA) has decided to open its branch office, entitled ‘Foreign Business Office’ (FBO) in St. Petersburg. The same affiliated department has been working in Moscow.

According to Enrico Massino Carle, vice president of ANIMA, “Italy is now ranked as the 14th largest exporter of industrial engineering to the North-Western district. Our goal is to become a priority partner for St. Petersburg. So, last week ANIMA arranged a trip to St. Petersburg for our business delegation.”

The mission was to study the market both in St. Petersburg and in the Northwest. We have negotiated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Petersburg and with other affiliated enterprises.

We have seen a great potential to co-operate, especially in food and energy industries. The St. Petersburg enterprises are in need to modernize their infrastructures, to introduce up-to-date technological equipment and the so called know-how technologies,” said Carle.

Being questioned, the enterprises (ANIMA members) said the Italian machine builders were not only interested in development of relationships with Russian business, but were also keen for direct investments which would enable the Russian companies to buy modern machinery and technologies. “Upon finishing our joint meetings, we have made the decision to open the Federation’s branch office in St. Petersburg. The representative office is to organize and to keep track of the whole process of equipment transactions between the small and medium machine builders of Lombardia and the enterprises of St. Petersburg and the Northwest.

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