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Business news, 13.05.2004 16:38

‘Silja Line’ changes ferryboat cruisers

‘Silja Line’ changes ferryboat cruisers Despite ambitious development plans, ‘Silja Opera’ cruiser will terminate its regular trips Helsinki – St. Petersburg at the end of August.

The management of ‘Silja Line’ (Finland) explains the fact that the operation of the cruisers in autumn is unprofitable. From June 19 ‘Silja Line’ will start regular cruiser ‘FinnJet’ trips instead of the one cancelled. The Chief Vice-President of ‘Silja Line’ Christian Gruinvall declared that the introduction of the Rostok – Tallinn – St. Petersburg ferryboat line would become a way to expand the company’s business in Russia. Besides, the number of ‘Silja Opera’ trips is about to be increased.

Last week, however, the Corporate Vice-President of ‘Silja Line’ Tuomas Nilund said ‘Silja Opera’ cruiser would be otherwise engaged in late August.

Apparently, the Finnish carriers could not withstand the pressure of the Russian Foreign Ministry that had been demanding for three years since the first attempt to launch the Helsinki – Tallinn – St. Petersburg line had been made that all cruiser passengers have Russian visas for collective disembarkation.

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