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Business news, 14.05.2004 16:52

Oblast tourism develops

One of the possible destinations in Leningrad Oblast There are many destinations in the Leningrad Oblast that have not yet been fully discovered by the foreigners or even the city natives themselves and some agencies are tapping the market of alternative tourism by providing tours to various Oblast destinations. Serviceburo has run literary and architectural tours for foreigners - students of an architectural college in England. Solnechny Bereg Co. conducted a tour focused on the musical and poetic facets of the city, visiting Pushkin's Dom along the way. Their trip to Sablino caves can be very educational for those interested in eco-tourism.

Meanwhile the tourist agency Unknown World/Wild Russia is specializing in tourism of the extreme kind: trekking, jeep safaris along he Gulf of the coast of Finland, and other activities for professional athletes and amateurs.

In 2001, tourist agency Argos developed and organized an expedition to the mountains called "Elbrus 2001."

Perspektiva is for now the only company in the city organizing helicopter tours with exotic destinations, such as "Picnic on the Kanevez Island." Tetra-Spb is a leading specialty tours agency with a wide choice assortment for foreigners and locals. The company has previously organized a customized program for a Japanese official, as well as tours with focuses on archeological, historical, geological, zoological, and even musical (with live romantic singing along the way on the bus).

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