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Business news, 19.05.2004 11:39

Dutch shipbuilders eye the local industry during the Holland Maritime Mission

Holland Maritime Mission in Saint-Petersburg The last week's Holland Maritime Mission to St. Petersburg that got 8 Dutch companies and up to 30 Russian companies together was a good opportunity for both parties to get to know each other and see what is happening in the local market.

Many Dutch companies still have outdated views on the Russian market as one where speculative prices and cheap labor dominate. The main message that the Russian companies tried to get across to their Dutch partners at this meeting is that Russia is no longer cheap or uncivilized.

Now the Russian market holds lucrative opportunities for Dutch shipbuilders and marine equipment manufacturers, renowned for their quality standards. The ticket to the Russian market is good legal consultants and flexibility.

Even though Russia continues to be a legislative roller-coaster and its market is yet to mature, it is no longer an uncivilized debris of speculative prices and cheap labor, experts said at a recent maritime mission.

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